1. greyghosts:


    Catrina Suicide

    My friend is awesome and a babe

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  2. yourbones:


    "As I work, I have an image of a bicycle in my mind…" - Yoshiaki Nagasawa.

    The Master,

    See the video here

    So damn cool.

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  3. alicasanova:


    Cronos Titanis belonging to @jason_robson … This is a heavily used beast. #BCXTribe #BCXTitanis

    So cool!!!!

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  4. Washington M. Ryer (1821-1892) Famous Duelist and respected doctor. #oakland #cemetery (at Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery - Altadena, CA)


  5. Just had to stop and see the #stars


  6. Inside the tombs. #oakland (at Mountain View Cemetery)


  7. strangevibezz:

    Driving home. Drake. Going to get Tommy’s. Eat. Sleep.

    Sounds like a fun night hey.




  10. smoking-ruins:

    Skull and crown from the “Deal Warrior”

    Iron Age, 200-150 BC

    From a burial found in the Mill Hill Cemetery, Deal, Kent, England 

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  12. just-a-naughty-baby:


    my dream

    Let’s go

    One day.

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  13. Thoughts of a wondering mind.


  14. tristyntothesea:


    this bitch taking photos all the time im bored



  15. steffanrosstattooer:

    I’ve got this set of 5, 4x6 prints for $20 paypal only! Email steffanrosstattoos@gmail.com if interested! #paintings #prints #steffanross #tattoos

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